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Vintage Wedgwood 2003 floral Queen's Ware calendar plate

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Vintage Wedgwood 2003 floral Queen's Ware calendar plate in beautiful condition with no chips, cracks or wear

Measures approx 22cm across

The Wedgwood company is a British pottery firm, originally founded by Josiah Wedgwood c1795. The first major innovation  Wedgwood introduced to the pottery field was the development of Queen’s Ware, a cream-coloured, lead-glazed earthenware.  This was durable china formed with a mixture of flint and white clay. His invention of a new stoneware called Jasper has been described as the most important development in the history of ceramics since the Chinese discovery of porcelain nearly 1,000 years earlier.

Please note that all items sold are vintage and have been preloved. As part of its history and journey through time it may have acquired some wear, light marks or small defects. If there are any major problems we will note them, however please use the photos provided as part of your decision making when deciding to make a purchase. Old things are rarely perfect and have been used and loved, and that is part of their charm. As all monitors are different, we cannot guarantee a colour match. And finally, all measurements are approximate! If you have any questions about the items please ask.

Vintage Wedgwood 2003 floral Queen’s Ware calendar plate